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Functional Dentistry

What is functional dentistry?

Its the area of Dentistry responsible for the restoration and rehabilitation of the teeth, their function and health.

What does functional dentistry consist of?

Aesthetics can never can never superimpose the function, instead, it is always a consequence of oral health. In other words we can say that, without Oral Health, no smile aesthetic improvement can be achieved. Nowadays through conservative techniques we can treat teeth that otherwise would be lost and can now be treated.

Main causes of loss of teeth health?

There are multiple causes for the loss of health and function of your teeth which can be treated by functional dentistry:

  • carious cavities,
  • dental fractures caused by trauma,
  • old infiltrated fillings,
  • dental erosion caused by acids,
  • dental abrasion/wear as a result of bruxism,
  • poor articulation between upper and lower teeth.
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