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Aesthetic Dentistry

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Its the area of Dentistry responsible for the restoration and rehabilitation of teeth, at the highest level of esthetic contemporary patterns.

What does aesthetic dentistry consist of?

Aesthetics can never can never superimpose the function, instead, it is always a consequence of oral health. In other words we can say that, without Oral Health, no smile aesthetic improvement can be achieved. Nowadays through conservative techniques we can treat correct aesthetic defects on teeth, which couldn't be corrected in the past.

Normally we use composite resins or even ceramics to correct color, shape, size, diastema closure (space between the teeth). And we do it in a very conservative manner, through the use of magnification, with very little preparation of teeth, if any at all.

The importance of aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic is not an universal concept, it is very often cultural, time oriented and above all an extremely personal concept. According to one of the most controversial definitions of health of the World Health Organization - "Health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of physical, psychic and social well being" and this translate how much our self love plays a important role in our life.

Our smile is our visit card and is so personal as a signature.

Dentistry had a surprising evolution along the years which allowed that the population now has increasingly higher expectations on the aesthetic improvement of their smiles. We are at the disposal of our patients with the highest standards of techniques and technology to achieve those expectations.

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