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What is orthodontics?

Speciality of Dentistry which evaluates, prevents and treats bad teeth positioning / crowding, as well as the dental articulation (dental occlusion) during and after the persons growing period. Nowadays it is possible to treat through removable orthodontic appliances, fixed orthodontic braces, or invisible aligners (invisible orthodontics).

What are dental appliances for?

Prevents, Intervenes and corrects the development / growth and dental position and/or skeletal of the patients Jaws. The crowding and bad positioning of the teeth decrease the life span of the teeth since they difficult oral hygiene and are related to other problems such as back problem or neck pain.

What are the causes that motivate the use of dental braces?

The bad dental positioning etiology is in: genetics (jaw size in relation with number/ size of teeth, position of the jaws, number of teeth, frenum insertion), the use of pacifier or finger during the growth of the child, precocious loss of teeth (can interfere with the normal eruption chronology and therefore, condition the ideal dental positioning).

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