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What is orthocaps?

Gone are the days of metal fixed braces as the only tooth correction solution. The orthocaps> TwinAligner system is a discreet, transparent and removable appliance that effectively and painlessly corrects tooth malpositions.

Orthocaps also adapts to your lifestyle with two different aligners for either day or night. This allows for better movement control and more precise regulation of the forces used. During the day, the discreet DAYcaps act gently, and at night the more rigid NIGHTcaps provide stronger correction.

Unlike other systems, the orthocaps aligners are made of a high-quality thermoplastic dual component material. The outer layer is slightly harder to protect it against damage. The soft inner layer gently adheres to your teeth and guarantees maximum comfort and precise tooth movements.

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Who is orthocaps for?

ADULTS | Tooth correction for adults?

For many adults, fixed braces are out of the question for aesthetic reasons. orthocaps TwinAligner system now provides a solution that will help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Thanks to our invisible, comfortable and easy-to-clean aligners, our system can easily be integrated in your professional and daily life. Whether for crowding, gaps or complex malpositions, orthocaps aligners guarantee visible results in 90% of cases.

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TEENAGERS | Invisible braces?

For most teenagers, fixed braces are a real nightmare. The visible brackets and metal parts are anything but beautiful and probably bother you when you eat, brush your teeth and hang out with friends.

No reason to despair. The orthocaps TwinAligner system is an innovative alternative to fixed braces and straightens crooked teeth discreetly and without complications. The orthocaps system can treat 90% of cases.

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CHILDREN | Painless braces?

Younger patients have trouble coping with standard braces. The orthocaps Noctis system is therefore a good alternative. Developed especially for the correction of malocclusion in children between 6 to 11 years old.

The invisible orthocaps aligners are better accepted than regular braces and may be only worn at night. These are convincing reasons that motivate your child and enhance cooperation.

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